Cut the Rope for Windows 8

The classic rope cutting puzzle game that is awesomely cute, features great sound effects and is surprisingly challenging

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8

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Cut the Rope, Zepto Lab's widely successful, award winning mobile puzzle game, is now available on Windows 8 as a full PC game. With more than 400 levels of gameplay available, players will be kept entertained for hours on their PCs of mobile computing devices.


Cut the Rope isn't a game that demands much from its players. The enjoyment of the game comes from its simplicity in design and the even more simple demands of the player.

In the Cut the Rope, you meet Om Nom, a very hungry monster. There's only one food Om Nom likes to eat--candy. Unfortunately for this little monster, all of his candy hangs above him from rope, just beyond its reach. It is up to the player to cut the rope to feed Om Nom its candy. Simple, right? As its reputation would suggest, the execution is more tricky than its basic mechanics.

Customization in the Cut the Rope is practically nonexistent. While players can change how they cut the rope to feed Om Nom and the sounds, there is no way to change the game much to player's wants like they would on more advanced PC games.

Originally designed for mobile devices, this game works better on touchscreens and other touch-sensitive devices. While a mouse or touchpad are compatible with this version of the game, it will feel a little obtrusive for the first few levels.


Cut the Rope really stands apart from the other popular mobile puzzle games. The graphics for this title are impressive considering the platform it was originally designed for. Animated bits with Om Nom come through with beautiful resolution and fluid motion that takes full advantage of Windows 8's capabilities.

Keeping in mind that this is a rather simple mobile puzzle game that has simply been ported to PCs, the quality of the visuals and mechanics will not be equal to that of games designed specifically for PCs. It will be enjoyable to many for its simplicity and the quickness with which players will advance form one stage to the next, but more dedicated players will feel stunted by limits in this title.


Fantastic graphics and animations for a mobile title

Crisp sound with clear playback

Gameplay becomes increasingly challenging as levels advance


Not welcoming to hardcore gamers

The appeal of quick levels is more adapted to mobile devices, and it doesn't have the same appeal on a PC

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